2018 Swim Lessons

All Penn Brook Club lessons are performed by trained swimming instructors who have years of experience with small children and swimmers.  A formal block plan is followed to make sure your child is learning the basic skills at their level. All Penn Brook instructors are either former Penn Brook swimmers, high school swimmers, and/or college swimmers.  Any concerns with your lesson should be directed immediately to the Pool Manager.

Level 1 (Preschool):

Designed to help young children overcome their fear of water and get ready to learn to swim. This level is designed to be fun! There will be games and prizes.  An adult partner must be willing to assist their child in the water.  This will be at the discretion of the instructor.

Level 2 (Beginner):

Designed for the swimmer who wants to learn introductory floating, breathing, kicking, gliding, and beginning stroke mechanics.

Level 3 (Advanced Beginner):

 Builds on beginner concepts.  Introduction of front crawl, backstroke, and elementary backstroke, as well as development of deep-water skills.  Safety and survival skills are introduced, such as treading water.

Level 4 (Intermediate):

 Development of skills introduced in advanced beginners.  Continued development of freestyle, backstroke, and elementary backstroke, and an introduction to breast stroke, diving, and more advanced underwater skills.  Individuals at this level should have completed their 2 lap test, or should be very close to passing the test. 

Swim Lesson Schedule:

Session 1:        June 11th - June 22nd        (Evenings only / Members only)

Session 2:        June 25th - July 6th            (Mornings only)

Session 3:        July 9th - July 20th              (Mornings only)

Session 4:        July 23rd - Aug 3rd             (Mornings only)

Level 1-4 Swim Lessons

Child / Adult Group Lessons (TBD FOR 2018)


 2018 Early Morning Swim

 Dates:    May 29th (off July 4th) – August 31st

Time:     Monday – Friday, 6:30am - 8:00am


Early Morning Swim (EMS)

Lap Lane Etiquette